Circus Artist




Attracted to the circus early aged, this young gymnast sounded to fulfill the old yearning of the man to fly.

He crossed the doors of the Buenos Aires school of Circo Criollo, directed by the Videla brothers. His teacher, Oscar Videla, observing to his aptitudes oriented him towards the balances, where he showed unbeatable gifts.
His early start in gymnastics, with only four years, has allowed him to forge, despite his youth, a solid career in which include performances with some of the best circuses in his country: the Nations, Atlas, Rodes and Servian. In Venezuela he acted in the companies Circo Sur and Art-o, besides obtaining the first prize of the International Convention of Circus.
In 2011, thanks to Pavel Klimovich, he began his journey in the aerial straps and then updated his knowledge with Jonathan Fortin.
At the moment it continues its race of artist and it forms students from all over the world in these disciplines.


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